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From Ghan and Varsha

Dear Mr. Kaye and Rekha,

With great pleasure I would like to inform you that all nine members of the K—- family has safely arrived to USA.
Your efforts with legal skills, and of course our patience and faith in you, have earned a crown of success.
My father-in-law must be very happy, where ever he is, to see his family united to gather in US.

I do remember our first visit to Mr.Kaye back in 2008. Mr.Kaye made a phone call  and assured my mother-in-law that your legal will try its best to bring all her children to this country.

As a first step to the American dream, both family have started living in an apartment in Jersey City and already got their starter jobs in that area and New York city.
Children are excited to join school in September.

Fortunately the weather is in their favor. Before school starts in September, they have enough time to settle.

I am very grateful to all of you for providing us tremendous help to make our dream come true.
On behalf of entire K— family and our S—- family I thank you very much and wish you success in your business so that many families like us would benefit.

Best regards,

Ghan and Varsha


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