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My Son Got His Passport Stamped Today

My son got his passport stamped today.  Everything went well.  Now we will be awaiting the plastic.  Let me thank you and express my gratitude for all the efforts that you put in to get my son Gaurav’s case resolved and settled. I had an occasion to come in touch with a large number of attorneys in India as well as the US during my past life. The attorneys I am referring to are by all means very senior people in their profession. However, I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that the professional prudence that I discovered in you surpasses everyone else’s. Each one of my emails and phone calls which I made (frequently ) was responded to by you. This quality alone is something which your and only your office possesses and sets you far above anyone else. I will be accurately liberal in referring to you as ‘The Attorney’ whenever I talk about legal services to my friends in India as well as here. Nothing that I have said in the foregoing is either an exaggeration or outburst of pleasant emotion in the light of my sons’ case getting approved. Believe me all I have said is correct. I have myself appeared and argued in public interest litigation cases ( only in honorary capacity ) in front of the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi; therefore I think my opinion has rationality and truth.

I shall be mailing the copy of the stamped page of the passport to you for your records.

Once again

thanks and regards

Ajay Kapoor

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