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Whether you intend on visiting the U.S. temporarily or are seeking a green card to become a permanent resident, your first step toward achieving your goal should be hiring an experienced immigration lawyer. At Law Offices of Allen E. Kaye and Associates, P.C., we have represented clients in a variety of immigration matters for more than 35 years. Our lawyers realize you may be stressed or anxious about getting a visa, and we are ready to provide you with hands-on assistance during each stage of your case. Drawing on our extensive legal experience, we can provide you with detailed advice and help you plot a course for a limited or permanent stay here in New York.

Applying for a Nonimmigrant Visa

If you are abroad and are seeking a temporary visa to come to the United States, you must first fill out and submit a visa application with the local American consulate. Depending on what type of nonimmigrant visa you are seeking, the requirements vary:

  • Work visa — The U.S. employer sponsoring you is required to file paperwork with the office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and request authorization for you to apply for a work visa. If the USCIS grants your employer approval for your visa, your next step is to file a visa application with either the U.S. embassy or your local American consulate (or change status here in some cases).
  • Visitor visa — For a basic visitor visa, you must complete the necessary application forms and attend an interview at the American embassy or consulate (or file with the USCIS in the U.S. if you are here). Keep in mind that a review of your application may take additional time depending on security checks.
  • Student visa — If you wish to apply for a student visa, you must locate a school that will admit you. Next, you must fill out a special I-20 form, and bring that, along with your visa application, to the U.S. consulate (or file with USCIS if you are already in the United States).

Our attorneys have decades of experience working closely with clients all over the world. We can carefully review your goals, determine the specific purpose of your trip, and assist you in obtaining the appropriate visa. Further, if you are already in the United States on a temporary visa, we can assist you in applying for an extension or changing status here.

Obtaining an Immigrant Visa

The first step to becoming a lawful citizen of the United States is obtaining an immigrant visa. Generally, there are two ways to accomplish this task:

  • Family-based immigration — A U.S. citizen can seek an immigrant visa for a spouse, sibling, parent, son, or daughter. A green card holder can only file an immigrant petition for a spouse or unwed son or daughter.
  • Employment-based immigration — U.S. employers may sponsor specific skilled employees who will be hired for permanent positions. In certain specialized industries, U.S. law allows potential immigrants to petition for themselves in some cases.

In addition to family-based and employment-based visas, there are other options for seeking permanent residence in the United States. After assessing your specific needs, we can determine the best path for you to take to eventually become a naturalized citizen. Not only can our experienced legal team increase your chances of filing your visa application without issue, but we will also uphold your rights if a dispute should arise during the process.

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At Law Offices of Allen E. Kaye and Associates, P.C., our attorneys guide you through the steps of acquiring an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa to live or work in the United States. Call 646-690-2296 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney at our New York City office. Our firm is made up of several attorneys, paralegals and immigration process specialists ready to communicate with clients in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Mandarin and Spanish.

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