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Episode 19: Fiancee Immigration Continued

Episode 18: Naturalization

Episode 17: Removal Proceedings Continued

Episode 16: Unlawful Presence

Episode 15: Removal Proceedings

Episode 14: Immigration Legislation

Episode 13: I-601 Waivers to be filed Stateside

Episode 12: Relief for DREAMers

Episode 11: New Obama Program for Certain Individuals under 30

Episode 10: Immigration Consequences for Criminal Conduct

Episode 9: Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

Episode 8: PERM Labor Certification

Episode 7: I-601 Waivers

Episode 6: Business Immigration

Episode 5: Fiancee Immigration

Episode 4: Family Immigration

Episode 3: Requirements for U.S. Naturalization

Episode 2: How To Get An Immigrant Visa (Green Card)

Episode 1: Prosecutorial Discretion


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